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GIB Capital Asset Management Objectives

The objectives of our asset management department are:

  • Meeting Clients’ Goals: We work to ensure our clients’ investments are managed in a manner consistent with their long-term investment goals.
  • Generate Superior Risk Adjusted Returns: Taking the client’s risk tolerance into account we identify, select and combine the best investment ideas to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • Maintain Diversification: We ensure client portfolios are well diversified, which reduces unsystematic risk, and increases overall returns per unit of risk.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPMs) is a fully customisable investment solution whereby our professional investment managers tailor and actively manage clients’ portfolios guided by the clients’ risk and return objectives.
  • Our engagement with clients  starts by developing clear understanding of the clients’ return objectives and constraints to enable us to guide our clients to the investment strategies that best fit their long-term investment goals while, at the same time, adhering to their constraints.
  • Based on the client’s return objectives and constraints, our professional investment managers will structure investment solutions that are expected to produce an appropriate level of overall diversification and an appropriate risk adjusted return over the stated investment time horizon.
  • GIB Capital, in its capacity as the investment manager, would use the utmost care, skill, prudence and diligence in managing clients’ portfolios in accordance and compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Investment Strategies

  • Active Equity Strategies: our active equity investment strategies are designed to follow a long term oriented approach that is based on fundamental research to produce superior long term risk adjusted returns.
  • Passive Equity Strategies: our passive equity strategies are customisable across a wide variety of indices, including developed and emerging markets.
  • Fixed income strategy: We offer long only, long-short, and passive global and emerging market fixed income strategies
  • Money Market Strategies: our money market strategies are designed to provide our clients with liquidity by managing the maturity profile of the portfolios while seeking the highest possible risk adjusted returns.
  • Multi-asset Strategies: we combine our active and passive strategies within the different asset classes to create portfolios that meet specific clients’ needs.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Risk and market fluctuations: Over the long-term investors chief risk is the irrevocable loss of capital and not the short-term fluctuations in asset prices.
  • Skills and returns: Investors can temporarily outperform the market by taking an inappropriate level of risk. However, over the long term, superior risk-adjusted returns can only be achieved by applying skills and following a rigorous investment process.
  • Time horizon: To succeed in generating sustainable superior returns investors should have a long-time horizon.
  • Value: Buying securities below their intrinsic value is the only way to sustainably generate superior long-term returns.
  • Diversification: Constructing well-diversified portfolios enable investors to minimise the risk of permanent loss of capital and, at the same time, generate sustainable above average returns.
  • Discipline: Following a clearly defined and rigorous investment process is the only way to minimize behavior biases and investors’ emotional impulses.

Shariah Compliant Products

  • Shariah-compliant products: all of our long only investment strategies can be restricted to shariah compliant securities and the benchmark would be chosen accordingly.

GIB Capital is a Single Shareholder Company (Commercial Registration No. 1010244294) with paid-up capital of SR 200,000,000.

GIB Capital obtained its license from the Capital Market Authority under license number 07078-37 on 08/07/1428H (corresponding to 22/07/2007G). GIB Capital obtained the approval to proceed with its business activities from the Capital Market Authority on 03/04/1429H (corresponding to 12/04/2008G).

GIB Capital provides corporate finance services in the Saudi capital markets, and is licensed to carry out the following activities by the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”):

  • Dealing as:
    • Principal
    • Agent
    • Underwriter
  • Managing
    • Investment fund management
    • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Arranging
  • Advising
  • Custody

GIB Capital is a subsidiary of Gulf International Bank B.S.C. with registered office at Low Rise Building 1, Granada Business & Residential Park, Eastern Ring Road, P.O. Box 89589, Riyadh 11692, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.