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Tadawul Celebrates “GIB Capital” Market Membership
Back 18 February 2019

Riyadh; February 17, 2019: The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) today welcomed GIB Capital as a member. Marking the milestone, a ceremony was hosted at Tadawul’s headquarters in Riyadh, which was attended by Eng. Khalid Abdullah Al Hussan, CEO of Tadawul and Mr. Osamah Mohammed Shaker, CEO and Board member of GIB Capital, in the presence of senior executives from both companies.


This membership allows GIB Capital to become a market member, providing its clients with the opportunity to trade in GCC’s largest stock market. GIB Capital will also provide financial advisory services covering equity placements (initial public offerings and private placements), mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, strategic debt advisory and asset management.

Commenting on the occasion, Eng. Khalid Al Hussan, said: “we are pleased on the joining of GIB Capital as a market member, which will contribute to providing financial advisory to market participants. This helps develop a transparent investment environment, something that we have been working to achieve through our strategic plans to increase market depth”.

Mr. Osamah Shaker stated, “Today’s announcement is a significant mark in GIB Capital’s history, and an important opportunity to work with the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) and all market participants to increase the inflows of foreign investments to the market and Saudi Arabia in general. The company will be attracting qualified investors through our offices in London and New York to invest in Saudi Arabia. GIB Capital will provide trading services for equities, debt instruments and futures contracts to customers in a modern way that relies primarily on the latest technologies in this field”.

GIB Capital is licenced by the Capital Market Authority among other 31 market members operating in the Saudi Capital Market. GIB Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf International Bank (GIB). With more than 30 years of experience in investment banking services, GIB Capital provides a full spectrum of investment banking services to help individuals and corporates in meeting their financial and investment needs with high efficiency.

GIB Capital is a Single Shareholder Company (Commercial Registration No. 1010244294) with paid-up capital of SR 200,000,000.

GIB Capital obtained its license from the Capital Market Authority under license number 07078-37 on 08/07/1428H (corresponding to 22/07/2007G). GIB Capital obtained the approval to proceed with its business activities from the Capital Market Authority on 03/04/1429H (corresponding to 12/04/2008G).

GIB Capital provides corporate finance services in the Saudi capital markets, and is licensed to carry out the following activities by the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”):

  • Dealing as:
    • Principal
    • Agent
    • Underwriter
  • Managing
    • Investment fund management
    • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Arranging
  • Advising
  • Custody

GIB Capital is a subsidiary of Gulf International Bank B.S.C. with registered office at Low Rise Building 1, Granada Business & Residential Park, Eastern Ring Road, P.O. Box 89589, Riyadh 11692, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.