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As one of the leading regional investment banking firms and a growing asset manager, our values make up everything we do. GIB Capital believes in creating an environment where all the co-workers play a part in our success. We believe in providing a high performance culture at GIB Capital to ensure our future business growth. To achieve our growth objectives, we are always on the lookout for the best talent the market has to offer.

If you are interested in exploring exciting career opportunities at GIB Capital, we advise you to read about our core business principles that make us the successful investment banking firm we are today.

  • We value our clients more than anything else
    We are what we are because of our clients. Our objective is to develop sustainable long-term relationships with each and every client, which is based on trust, mutual respect, and alignment of goals.
  • We take pride in what we do
    We are a group of highly motivated workforce taking great personal and professional pride in what we do. Our passion for distinction drives us and keeps us focused on our goals.
  • We strongly believe in high-caliber individuals who can work comfortably in teams
    Our pool of seasoned professionals come from a diverse educational and professional backgrounds. We work as a team and to achieve that we hand pick professionals who believe in teamwork.
  • We work as a collective
    While individually, each of us is responsible for our personal development, our people do recognize the talent and expertise of others. We strongly believe in working alongside all stakeholders, be it the clients, co-workers, shareholders, external advisors, or associates. Through this collaboration we truly realize the full potential of our business
  • We believe in creating superior value for our shareholders
    We are strongly committed to creating superior value for our shareholders. Without their support it is impossible to grow our business. This allegiance and sense of duty to our shareholders keeps us active and broadens our vision to look beyond the horizon to keep us ahead of changing demands of our business.
  • We take ownership for everything we do
    One of the guiding principles of our success is taking ownership and responsibility of the work we do for our clients no matter what the outcome is.
  • We strongly believe in ‘think out of the box’ mentality
    We take pride in our people and regard them as our greatest asset. Our people believe in innovative and creative out-of-the-box thinking to offer our clients the most optimal solutions.
  • We give high regard to the regional culture to develop strong relationships with our clients
    We combine our highest levels of expertise and capabilities with the understanding and awareness of regional culture to maintain a real edge in generating superior performance for all stakeholders and nurture our relationships with our clients.
  • We understand that respect cannot be commanded, it has to be earned
    We lead by example. We do not believe in commanding respect by virtue of rank or status. Instead, we earn the respect and appreciation of our co-workers and the trust of our clients and shareholders by what we actually deliver.
  • We believe in upholding the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality
    We as professionals have no tolerance for any breach in integrity and confidentiality. Our business feeds on upholding the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

New graduates with little or no work experience seeking an entry level role fit into the role of analysts. You will develop and enhance your basic skills through on-job training opportunities and feedback. The analyst role will aid you in developing the foundation and the future path for your career. You will be an integral part of the team and your ideas and inputs will be acknowledged by your co-workers.


We hire candidates with two to five years work experience and a masters degree in business, finance or economics in the cadres of associates and managers. Associates and managers play a critical role as part of the team executing transactions and assignments. Your progress to higher cadres will depend on the level of your education, prior relevant work experience and performance in your role as associate or manager.


For our senior cadre which includes Vice Presidents, we hire seasoned professionals with strong education credentials and more than five years of relevant work experience. This cadre directs our business to success. GIB Capital thrives on the expertise, valor, and skillset of highly experienced and qualified individuals. We provide a work environment to our people which stimulates innovation and creativity resulting in high performance results which makes GIB Capital one of the most successful investment banking firms in the region.


Thank you for considering GIB Capital one of your career alternatives. To facilitate the process, you may apply for an opportunity at GIB Capital online. If you wish to apply online, please keep the following information handy:

  • Personal information
  • Educational background
  • Previous work experience
  • Academic awards and achievements, if any
  • Extra curricular activities and interests, if any
  • Your skills
  • Your reasons for applying for a career at GIB Capital
  • Your CV / resume

Upon submission of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming receipt of your application by GIB Capital’s human resource division. Subsequent to your application submission, you may be contacted by the human resources division if your candidature is deemed suitable for the role.

How to apply?

We recommend reviewing the helpful information provided in this career section of our website. You may browse current career opportunities below and apply directly for a specific job posting, or send us your resume.

GIB Capital is a Single Shareholder Company (Commercial Registration No. 1010244294) with paid-up capital of SR 200,000,000.

GIB Capital obtained its license from the Capital Market Authority under license number 07078-37 on 08/07/1428H (corresponding to 22/07/2007G). GIB Capital obtained the approval to proceed with its business activities from the Capital Market Authority on 03/04/1429H (corresponding to 12/04/2008G).

GIB Capital provides corporate finance services in the Saudi capital markets, and is licensed to carry out the following activities by the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”):

  • Dealing as:
    • Principal
    • Agent
    • Underwriter
  • Managing
    • Investment fund management
    • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Arranging
  • Advising
  • Custody

GIB Capital is a subsidiary of Gulf International Bank B.S.C. with registered office at Low Rise Building 1, Granada Business & Residential Park, Eastern Ring Road, P.O. Box 89589, Riyadh 11692, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.